How we start our cooperation ?

Starting cooperation is extremely easy ! We invite you !



» Register on our website. Registration is free.

Free Photographer Registration

Customer Inquiry Program

Photographer Card and Photographer Search Engine

» After registration, you can create a free Photographer Card and present yourself and your services in it - by using the Menu: Account > Photographer Card and selecting the Create a Photographer Card option. After installing the Photographer Card you will be present in the Photographer Search.

» By registering the Photographer Card we will be able to take into account your offer and send you customer inquiries as part of the Customer Inquiry Program.


Sale of Licenses to Images

» To start selling Licenses for your photos after registration you should:

  • complete the contact details (available after registration Menu: Account > Licenses and Products box Complete the Photographer Data)

  • for the purposes of confirming your identity make a transfer of PLN 1 from your bank account to our bank account - amount this is of course immediately returned to your account from which we will receive it.

» Then you will be able to send us your photos for sale.