What is the possible scope of our cooperation ?

You decide what scope of cooperation you choose !


Customer Inquiry Program

Cooperation Principles

What is it about ?

The Customer Inquiry Program consists in providing photographers with specific customer inquiries for Photographers with an indication of their needs.

You join the Program when you register as a Photographer on the Website.

Benefits for the Photographer

grade you receive Clients orders through us
grade you only spend a moment registering, the rest is done by us
grade registration is free
grade you do not pay for packages because they are not there

Financial conditions

By joining the Program, you accept the fact that a discount of 5% on its prices to the Customer and the payment of a commission to us in the amount of 10% of the value of the Customer's Order before the discount is granted. You only bear these costs if you sign a contract with you or if you receive payment from the client when you complete the order without a contract.

Customer Inquiry Program

How It Works

Registration and Customer Orders

Register and setup a free Photographer Card. In the Photographer Card you describe your services and attach photos to it

Photographer Card and photos sent to Photographer Cards are not published on the Service (except when promoting the Service). They are made available to our Clients from whom we receive inquiries about Photographers.

After the Photographer Card setup, you don't have to do anything but wait for Clients' orders ! The procedure is extremely simple !

looks_one After receiving the Customer's inquiry, we send it to Photographers whose profile matches the Customer's inquiry (e.g. type of photography and place of service).
looks_two Photographers send to our e-mail address the proposed price and indication of the conditions of order realization.
looks_3 We send selected Photographer offers to the Customer and share their Photographer Cards (without the Photographer's contact details).
looks_4 The customer selects the photographer on this basis. After choosing the Photographer, we share his contact details and communicate with the client.


License to Images Sale

Cooperation Principles

You can sell licenses for your photos.

By sending photos for sale you set the licenses for your photos and indicate their prices.

You receive 70% of the net price of the license sold.

We offer 3 types of licenses:
party_mode basic (editorial)
party_mode standard (marketing)
party_mode extended (product)

License to Images Sale

How It Works

You register on the site.

You confirm your billing details and your identity by transferring 1 PLN from your bank account to our bank account - this amount is of course immediately returned to your account from which we will receive it.

Then you will be able to send us your photos for sale.

To sell Photo Licenses you do not need to have a Photographer Card.

We encourage both professional photographers and photography enthusiasts to cooperate !

Each field of photography is important to us, the more that customers are looking for photographers in various areas. For example: portrait photography, wedding photography, pregnancy photography, architecture photography, interior photography, sport photography, fashion photography, product photography, automotive photography, landscape photography, animal photography, advertising photography or culinary photography.