Terms of cooperation
Customer Inquiry Program

Photographer’s Card and Photographers Search Engine

By creating a Free Photographer Card you can present your services and take part in our Photographer Search Engine.
You can increase your sales thanks to the Customer Inquiry Program.

You can create a Photographer Card at no cost !

Photographer's Card
is free!

Photographer’s Card and presence in Photographers Search Engine
Set up and maintenance of Photographer’s Card which
will enable your participance in Photographers Search Engine free of charge !
5% discount for the Customer and
10% commission for us
- only on the actual sale!

Participation in the Customer Inquiry Program
By registering on the Website you are joining the Customer Inquiry Program. If we are looking for a photographer for our client, we will be able to send an inquiry to you. By participating in the Customer Inquiry Program, you accept the fact that you give the Customer a 5% discount on your prices and accept a commission payment for us in the amount of 10% of the value of the Client order before discount. You only bear these costs if you sign a contract with the client or receive a payment from the client if you complete the order without concluding a contract with the client.

Terms of cooperation – Licences to Images

We treat Photographer’s work with respect and we propose partnership terms of cooperation !
You set the licence price yourself !

You do not incur cooperation costs !


You get 70% licence net price.



detailed terms of cooperation are described in the AGREEMENT WITH PHOTOGRAPHER

Copyright and compliance

  1. You must be an adult and have the copyright of the works / photos you provide to us
  2. Uploading files to the site requires prior approval from your Site of the Photographer Agreement, Terms & Condiotions and Privacy Policy
  3. When selling photos, you must have the legally required consents from people who can recognize you on the work / photo (i.e. when a person could recognize, for example, a visible face, special sign, tatoo, characteristic figure, dress or hairstyle, etc.) to use their image (consent both in the context of copyright and GDPR)
  4. When selling photos, you must have the legally required consents from the owners of the rights to the objects (e.g. places, national parks, buildings, works of art, handicrafts, graffiti, etc.) shown on the work / photo whose rights are reserved, to use them image (consent in the context of copyright)
  5. The photos you provide and their descriptions may not violate anyone's rights, legal regulations, privacy or image rights, they may not contain, among others pornographic, obscene content may not contain content that is slandering or attacking third parties, the files may not contain viruses or harmful software
  6. If you violate the contract, in particular you will not have full copyright of the photos you provide to us or the rights to the image of the people in the photos you gave us, you bear full responsibility in this respect, including towards us, the licensees who will purchase licenses for these photos and our distributors

Licenses and remuneration

  1. By providing us with photos, you grant us the right to:
    A) Sale of photo licenses - directly by us or through our distributors
    B) Sale of final products using the photo or part of it (e.g. prints or T-shirts) ) - directly by us or our distributors
  2. You set the net prices for individual license types and get 70% of the net price of licenses sold
  3. On our website we offer 3 types of licenses - you decide what licenses we can grant:
    A) Basic (Editorial) License - using your photo mainly for press / internet articles or for personal use,
    B) Standard (Marketing) License - using your photo mainly for marketing and advertising,
    C) Extended (Product) License - using your photo mainly for selling products using the photo.
  4. If you agree, we will be able to use your photos for sale on our website or through the distributors of products using these photos (e.g. prints, puzzles, t-shirts), i.e. Final Products - we set the selling price of the Final Products, and you receive either (i) a one-time fee of 70% of the net price of the Extended (Product) License, which you set yourself by sending us a photo, or (ii) 20% of the net price of each piece sold Final Product - the decision in this regard is taken by us
  5. Your remuneration may be reduced for returns or claims or claims related to your photos
  6. Remuneration is paid to your bank account on a monthly basis

Photographer Card

  1. You can set up your Photographer Card for free and send your personal details and works / photos (your portfolio) for publication in the Photographer Card  
  2. For photos published on your Photographer Card you must also have full copyright and legal consent required for people and objects presented in the photos
  3. Photos published on the Photographer Card are not sold under license or Final Products unless you send them separately to the Website for this purpose

Customer Inquiry Program

  1. By registering on the Website as a Photographer you join the Customer Inquiry Program to receive potential customer orders through us
  2. If you process a customer order received through us, you give the customer a 5% discount and you pay us a 10% commission (provided that you sign the contract with the client or receive payment from the client if the order is carried out without signing the contract with the client)

Collaborate on photo upload

  1. Before allowing you to send photos for the sale of Licenses or Final Products, we must verify your identity by your transfer of PLN 1 from your bank account to our account - this amount will, of course, transfer back to your account immediately after receipt
  2. Photographs sent to us and their descriptions should be send in accordance with our guidelines - this will not only allow their proper presentation, but also will enable them to be searched by potential buyers and thus may facilitate their sale
  3. We have the right to refuse to publish your photos, we have the right to edit (e.g. crop) and add or modify descriptions.
  4. We have the right to free use of your photos for marketing and advertising of our website, including on websites and social networks - e.g. by publishing your photo on the first page of our website or in articles published on our website or on our site on Facebook - you are not entitled to remuneration for this
  5. We cannot guarantee the continuity and correctness of the website's operation - i.e. it cannot be excluded that e.g. the website may have breaks in operation - of course, it is in our interest to make efforts that the website works properly, but we cannot guarantee it - remember that you should always keep copies of files sent to us by themselves

Delete photos and terminate the agreement

  1. You can withdraw the photo or terminate the agreement with 30 days notice
  2. We may also terminate the agreement with 30 days notice or without notice if you violate the agreement 
  3. In the event of the agreement change, we will inform you by e-mail at least 14 days before the change date comes into force - if you do not accept the changes, you can terminate the agreement immediately