How to Find a Photographer with Our Help

Get a 5% discount from the Photographer and save many hours of searching
we will choose the best offers from great photographers available on the expected date
we will provide you with a free sample contract with the photographer
after completing the order you can rate the Photographer and influence his ranking on the Website


Send us the form

» Send us the free "Find a Photographer for me" form. In the form, you provide basic information about your service requirements, dates and prices.
Find a Photographer for me

You receive offers

» We should send you the best offers corresponding to your needs within 2-3 days. When choosing offers, we are guided by the quality of the Photographer's work (including its ranking based on customer reviews), its price conditions and availability in the expected period.

Make a choice

» After receiving offers, you will be able to choose a Photographer and we will contact you with the selected Photographer and we will provide you with a free template of the agreement with the photographer. After contacting the Photographer you will be able to order his service. When ordering, you will receive a photographer 5% discount .

Send your comment

» After completing the service you will be able to send us your opinion regarding cooperation with the Photographer. Your opinion is very important to us and will have an impact on our assessment of the quality of the Photographer's work when sending subsequent orders ! Photographers want the best opinion from you !

How We Make A Choice

we use our Photographer Search Engine, but not only !
we take into account the conditions proposed by the Photographer, opinions about him and the quality of his photos


our photographers search engine

» By using our Photographer Search Engine we have access to great Photographers offers tailored to your needs. Our Photographer Search Engine and photographer base is an advantage, but not the only one!

careful selection of offers

»We choose offers not only using our Photographer Search Engine. We take into account not only the availability of Photographers and financial conditions. We also take into account the assessment of photographers 'work reported by our clients and the quality of photographers' photos.

save time and money

» Thanks to our queries to many Photographers, we obtain better and dedicated offers. In addition, you get a 5% discount on the final price of the Photographer you choose. You don't have to spend time searching for offers yourself.