About us


Who we are ?

Camerleon was created to allow Customers to find their dream Photographer in a simple and fast way and without costs or great photos ! We enable Photographers to monetize their services and photos.

Is Camerleon Photographers Search Engine? Photographers Database? Photo Search? Photo Bank ? Yes and No, because above all it is a place where The Client meets the Photographer !

If someone says I'm looking for a Photographer, there is one answer - do it with us !

We strive to make the processes on our website very simple and legible. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding changes to the site write to us - we want to constantly develop!

Why us ?

The Client receives from us offers of Photographers selected not only taking into account his needs and dates, but also the evaluation of the Photographer's work by other Clients and the quality of his photos. In addition, the customer receives a 5% discount on the Photographer's services !

However, if the Customer is looking for photos, he can count on the fact that he will find not only very well selected photos, but also many of them can not be found anywhere else.

Photographers get real benefits. We earn when Photographers earn. Camerleon is a unique project for exceptional Photographers. We treat Photographers fair because we are them !

Company's data

Name: OKUBIKO sp. z o.o.
Headquarters: Jodłowa 2, 41-400 Mysłowice, Poland
KRS (Court Register) 0000830458
NIP (Tax ID) 2220917374
REGON 385612762